Kickin' Cancer

Empowering individuals, through education, to take control of their health.

Keeping LOCAL money LOCAL to provide emotional and financial support to families currently in the fight with cancer.

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Significantly reduce new cases of cancer, by educating people about living an anti-cancer lifestyle; while reaching into local communities throughout the United States, supporting families both emotionally and financially that are currently in the fight with cancer.


Live an anticancer lifestyle through five core values.

Core Values

It’s Time to Fix a Broken System

1 “Nearly 1.7 million Americans are projected to receive a cancer diagnosis in 2017 (and) claim the lives of more than 600,000 people in the US” (A Cancer Journal for Clinicians, Jan 2017)

2 “In 2017, there will be an estimated 1,688,780 new cancer cases diagnosed and 600,920 cancer deaths in the US” (

“Based on current models, 1 in 3 American Women and 1 in 2 American men will receive a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime… in the next two decades.”

~Lorenzo Cohen PHD.
AntiCancer Living

A New Way of Thinking!

“Perhaps ‘Active Surveillance’ with an anticancer lifestyle prescription will become a more standard first line treatment for very early stage cancers as we gather more evidence that LIFESTYLE can keep cancer in check.”

(Lorenzo Cohen, Director of the Integrative Medicine Program at MD Andersen Cancer Center, Houston, TX)

Group in Kickin Cancer t-shirts saying Lovin Run Corvallis
Guy about to smash a car with different types of cancer words spray painted on it
Guy about to smash a car with different types of cancer words spray painted on it

What Can You Do Now?

Reduce your processed sugar intake

(The dangers of sugar)

“Type 2 diabetes affects 420,000,000+ people, almost 1 in 10, worldwide. People with diabetes are almost twice as likely to be diagnosed with pancreatic and colon cancer.”

(Clinical endocrinology and diabetes report – May 2016)

Begin doing SOME movement

(The value of exercise)

“Quantities of data have been summarized by the National Cancer Institute, NCI, to suggest that engaging in physical activity is associated with lowering one’s risk of developing certain kinds of cancers; ie colon, breast, endometrical, liver, kidney and bladder.”

(NCI report 2017)

Begin a wholesome plant-based diet

(Avoid M.A.D.)

“One of the biggest problems with the Modern American Diet, M.A.D., today is that it typically involves a huge deficiency of fresh vegetables and fruits…an important cancer-contributor.”

(Tanya Harter Pierce MA, MFCC—Outsmart your Cancer)

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"Being a three-year survivor of Stage IV metastic cancer, that began in my left breast then went to my bones and liver, I just had my 7th PET scan. I am 100% clear and the lesions on my bones are healed!! WE are making a difference."

Victoria Shinn
VP – Depository Relationship Manager
US Bank
Salem, OR

"We Are The Solution helps fill a niche in the fight against cancer by raising money for YOUR neighbors."

Dr. Andrew Isaksen DC
NW Family Chiropractic PC
Salem, OR

"A more dedicated and energized support group you will not find."

Fred & Lynne Robison
Gilbert, AZ
growth of the movement four images slanted upward showing people at the spartan, warrior dash, and lovin' runs over the past few years