Kickin' Cancer

Empowering individuals to thrive in their cancer journey, through support and education.
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When you're asking yourself...

Where do I start?

What about the financial burden?

Where can I get plugged into community?

I'm healthy... what is my role in this?

Are there ways to prevent cancer?

Can I share my story?

A New Way of Thinking!

“LIFESTYLE can keep cancer in check.”

(Lorenzo Cohen, Director of the Integrative Medicine Program at MD Andersen Cancer Center, Houston, TX)

Our Vision

Reduce new cases of cancer by 50%, through educating people about living an anti-cancer lifestyle. Reach into local communities throughout the United States, supporting families both emotionally and financially that are currently in the fight with cancer.

You Are Not Alone

We have a community ready to rally together for you—with you. Browse through our library of resources to get inspired and learn how you can take control of your life and health.

Bring a friend along with you or share Kickin’ Cancer with someone you know who needs encouragement as they begin their cancer journey.

Why We Believe Kickin' Cancer Matters

New Cases Continue to Rise

graph of new cancer cases since 2007

“Based on current models, 1 in 3 American Women and 1 in 2 American men will receive a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime… in the next two decades.”

~Lorenzo Cohen PHD.
AntiCancer Living


Hear from those who have gone before

Living your Best Life

Living your Best Life

How to Keep Up With Living Your Best Life Alive  (Even During a Midlife Crisis) - submitted by Jennifer McGregor Midlife crises aren’t unique to mankind. For as long as there have been people, there have been struggles associated with aging and the need to essentially...

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What a Warrior!

What a Warrior!

Ozzy Brown is 3 years old and battling DIPG (childhood brain cancer) Since August we had just finished his last round of chemo and had prepare for his shunt revision so that he could receive the car-t injections. The first shunt he had was a single valve that didn't...

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Three Words – Never Give Up!

Three Words – Never Give Up!

August 18th 2004, my journey began! I remember that day over 18 years ago like it was yesterday.  Going in for a routine mammogram only to be called back by my doctor’s office that very same day, you see I needed to return as soon as I could for additional images. ...

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“Kickin’ Cancer helps fill a niche in the fight against cancer by raising money for YOUR neighbors.”

Dr. Andrew Isaksen DC

NW Family Chiropractic PC

“Being a three-year survivor of Stage IV metastic cancer, that began in my left breast then went to my bones and liver, I just had my 7th PET scan. I am 100% clear and the lesions on my bones are healed!! WE are making a difference.”

Victoria Shinn

VP - Depository Relationship Manager, US Bank

“A more dedicated and energized support group you will not find.”
Fred & Lynne Robison

Gilbert, AZ