Friends tell their story:

When Jason came to Pacific Stair over a decade ago from, dare I say it, Ohio, we really didn’t see a path forward with him fitting in.  Little did we know just how well Jason would fit in, he became family very quickly.  It did not take us long to learn that he was an outdoorsman, loved fishing, hunting , hiking, golfing and almost everything the outdoors had to offer.  I always told Jason he was like a little brother, he would always come back with “more like a son considering the age difference”.  Jason had a quick wit and was always able to find humor in even the most difficult situations.

Jason fit in so well that I was training him to take my place at the company when I retired, he was a eager learner and had a keen insight for what needed to happen.  He was a great negotiator and was loved by his customers, they all had a real bond with Jason.  I can’t tell you him many customers have told me that Jason was the best Project Manager they had ever worked with, I honestly believe that was true.  Jason touched so many people and was a true friend to everyone he met, he was able to connect to people on their level, no matter their lot in life.

Saying Jason will be missed really does not do it justice, a huge part of all of us will be missing going forward.  I know God has a greater plan and maybe his plan was to awaken us to how fragile life is, we need to soften our heart and forgive easier knowing that tomorrow is never guaranteed.  I have never met anyone like Jason and I probably never will but I am glad I did have the opportunity or I might have missed one of God’s greatest treasures.  Godspeed my friend, Godspeed.

Jason and Danielle grew up in Northeast Ohio and their love for adventure brought them to Oregon in 2013.  Their family and friends are supporting them with love from Oregon, Ohio and far beyond.

Jason age 42, and father of 2, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer. On May 4th, Jason and his wife Danielle, sat in the hospital and heard the six letter word that no family ever wants to hear; cancer.  After “We will need to start treatment immediately.” No time to process and think, Jason nodded. All he could think about was his wife and two precious children, Logan and Pearl, both under the age of 4.

Prior to the devastating diagnosis this young family was spending time together in the great outdoors experiencing the bliss of nature.  Any chance they had they were enjoying hiking, paddle boarding, kayaking, biking or snowshoeing together. They want their kids to learn to love nature and adventures and learn to live in the moment like they did. Although a lot has changed since March, they continue to chose to have hope every day and share with Logan and Pearl that each day is truly a gift.

These words described Jason Mowery when he first started having vague abdominal pains in March of 2023. He felt like something was “not right.” His wife, Danielle, encouraged him to call his primary care doctor to have it checked out –it’s probably nothing and he may just need to change his diet. Jason was 41, young and healthy without any family history of cancers, and was certain it would be fine. He scheduled a virtual visit with an advanced practice provider who ordered an abdominal ultrasound, thinking he may have a hernia. When that was negative and the symptoms persisted, Jason insisted on being seen in the office for a physical exam and a CT scan was ordered. One week later, the results were displayed in his electronic medical record and showed a small mass in his pancreas with areas of thickened omentum and mild ascites fluid, concerning for malignancy.

Danielle sent the results to her friend, a surgeon in Cleveland, who called her with an urgent, trembling voice – which is where their six-month journey with stage IV pancreatic cancer started. Jay was young and healthy with two small children, Pearl (2) and Logan (4). Pancreatic cancer is characteristically rare and a cancer of “old” people. Jay was young and healthy so there was no way this was happening to him. Over the next two months, Jason had two endoscopic ultrasound-guided fine needle core biopsies that were both inconclusive. During these frustrating months, Danielle realized she needed to take control and advocate for her husband and her family. She was persistent, asked questions, was organized, spoke up for her husband’s needs and took the lead of his care. Jason ultimately had a diagnostic laparoscopy that confirmed his diagnosis and was started on chemotherapy.

Sadly, Jason had an aggressive, advanced stage pancreatic cancer and ultimately passed away on September 4, 2023 with loved ones and friends by his side.

Jason was young, healthy and loved life. Everyday was an adventure. He loved the outdoors and enjoyed fishing, hunting, and hiking. He loved his family and built a beautiful life with his adoring wife and two children. While he died at a young age, he lived everyday to the fullest and lived a great life. He was a kind man who exemplified the definition of a good human. His existence made the world a better place. His legacy lives on in his children, who both have his smile – a smile that still shines bright.

While Jason’s story can be described as a beautiful tragedy, it is also a reminder that cancer does not distinguish age, race or gender and highlights the importance of yearly, preventative exams. Listen to your body. When something seems “not right,” do not hesitate to seek care, even if you are young and healthy.