My cancer journey began in November 2019. I had worked many years for Costco Wholesale and I was thinking about retiring. I wanted to take advantage of my insurance benefits before I left the company. I had all of my yearly medical appointments scheduled.

As soon as all of my results came back I was going to give my 2 week notice. The doctors office called and said they would like to do an untra sound because they saw something on my mammogram they would like to check into further. I wasn’t worried at all because breast cancer didnt run in my family. When doing the ultrasound they suggested a biopsy. It was scheduled quite quickly because I had big plans on retiring.

A couple days later the doctors office wanted to go over the results. My husband wanted to go with me but again I wasn’t worried because nobody in my family has ever had breast cancer. Well the 3 words came out that I thought I would never hear. “YOU HAVE CANCER” I looked at my husband and said I have to continue working? I can’t retire? I could taste retirement, I was almost there!

On February 3,2020 I went in for surgery and had a double mastectomy. I’m so glad I decided to have a double because after seeing the pathology report I had cancer on the other side. Everything seems to be closing up around you.

At this time Covid is really hitting hard. Shortly after this I started radiation. It was every single day for 5 weeks straight. I had to go to every appointment alone because of covid and my family couldn’t go into the hospital.

It was a very lonely feeling. I continued to work and heal from the surgery and radiation. I honestley couldn’t have done this without my family and friends. May 2021 I had a clean bill of health and was able to retire after working for Costco for 37 years.

It’s funny how you think you have a life plan and in an instant everything changes. I have always relied on God and wasn’t worried with the outcome. I knew he would take care of me and my family. So 2 years later I got bored with retirement and went looking for a job where I can make a difference in someones life.

I am working with a company that allows me to encourage, support and show women that someone cares for them and how proud I am of there success becoming clean and sober. On August 22,2023 I had my final reconstruction surgery and am finally living my best life.
God is good,
Stephanie Schmidt-Webb