I have never been one to be such an open book on social media where I tell the hardest things that are happening.   Or even been one to ask for help.   But cancer has a way of changing things.

I was diagnosed with triple negative inflammatory breast cancer.   This is an aggressive, fast growing cancer.   It is in my lymph node as well. It was just this last  May in 2023,  that I had a normal mammogram and normal breast exam at my OB office.    By Aug/Sept I felt a lump on my breast.   It was about 2 inches long, and inch wide.    My OB was shocked because she knew it was not there before.  But assured me breast cancers don’t usually grow so quickly.   She scheduled me for a diagnostic mammogram and

My mammogram didn’t show anything and the ultrasound was clear also.   My lymph node was enlarged though. This type of cancer often doesn’t show up on mammograms or ultrasounds. They scheduled biopsies of both the breast and lymph node.   Next, I noticed that the skin became red and began pitting, looking similar to an orange peel.

When the radiologist saw me she said that she didn’t want to alarm me, but that I needed to see a surgeon that week. Now, I had the  skin biopsy.  But was told no matter what the pathology said, I needed to be treated like it was inflammatory breast cancer because it was presenting as such.   Two hours later, I had a preliminary diagnosis that showed it was breast cancer and in my lymph node. Next saw me sitting in an oncologists office planning for chemo for the following week.   I will be doing about 6 months of chemotherapy, mastectomies, and radiation.   We will eventually do reconstruction.

This is going to be a long road.  I am still me though.  I still love stupid pop culture stuff, movies, reality tv, etc.   I will need humor to keep going through this!

My family setup a go-fund-me, and my best friend started a meal train.   The outpouring of love and support is humbling.   My family and I accept it with open arms.  I have all too often before just been quiet and carried the burdens of my husband and kids, and I know the toll it takes.   I am accepting all the prayers and support!

Thank you!! – Keri