My name is Karla Hicks.  I am a skin cancer survivor.

Eleven Years ago I was on a family vacation with my husband and three small daughters when I received a phone call. We were in the middle of Montana when my older daughter called and said that I needed to contact my skin doctor ASAP. You can imagine, so many things ran through my mind just trying to dial the phone fast enough to find out whatever was so important.

When I got through to the nurse,  she said we need you to go to the closest hospital today and get a chest x-ray and lab work. I said I am in the middle of Montana, can’t it wait until I get home. The nurse said we really suggest you go directly in so we can see if cancer has spread through your body and to your lungs. You see, I was diagnosed with melanoma, a type of skin cancer.

We stopped in Montana and had the test ran and then we drove straight back to Oregon. I ended up having four surgeries on my right arm to remove all the cancer. I now deal with treatments now once a year to keep it under control. I have had several different skin cancers since, but always a step ahead of it.

Being a melanoma survivor had really made me learn a lot about health and fitness. I have always worked in the health care field so was excited to learn more and more to stay healthy. I am now a Life & Health Coach.

I am so happy to be part of Kickin Cancer.

Let’s Kick Cancer!