In Dec 2015 I found out my sister, Brenda Farris, had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  She was in Mesa, AZ and I was in Salem, OR so my ability to support her like I wanted just wasn’t realistic.  When I knew she was doing better and could come visit for Christmas 2017 I was so excited. Seeing her that Christmas was so great.  We talked about how she was battling her cancer, the diet changes she had made and the exercise routine she was doing.  Then she flew home. In Jan I heard about this fun event called the Warrior Dash, a trail run obstacle course outside of Canby.  Over the course of the next few months I managed to rally 42 of my co-workers at Costco to do this with us and get Brenda’s story on KGW news (the link for that is still on The look on Brenda’s face to see all of these people she had never met put on a “pepto pink” shirt and get muddy was so great. It warmed my heart to be able to support her, finally.

Read on in comments to see why Enough is Enough through Baron’s experiences.

Saying Cancer is hard enough, but saying Childhood Cancer is even harder, which is why I encourage you to watch this link.

I encourage every one of you to find the WHY that makes you CRY and join me in saying, “Enough is Enough.”