National Cancer Survivor Day is an annual event held the first Sunday of every June.

The National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation defines a cancer survivor as anyone living with a history of cancer, from diagnosis to remainder of life. Although cancer is the second leading cause of death, there are more than 16.9 million cancer survivors currently in the United States. With an estimated 1.9 million new cancer cases diagnosed, and over 600,000 cancer deaths projected in 2022, millions more Americans will have to stare this devastating disease intimately in the face.

To celebrate the incredible courage of cancer survivors, and their supportive communities, National Cancer Survivor Day is an annual event held the first Sunday of every June. This year falling on June 5, 2022, hundreds of communities worldwide will participate in this cherished event. It is a day to celebrate cancer survivors, provide support for families and friends, and encouragement for those still fighting the good fight. National Cancer Survivors Day is also an opportunity for community outreach; It is for folks around the world to participate in rallying with those who’ve been impacted by cancer, either through their own diagnosis, or a diagnosis of a friend or family member.

Not only is National Cancer Survivor Day a day to celebrate cancer survivors, but it is a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness for them as well. It is used to promote research, resources and draw more attention around the ongoing challenges cancer survivors face. In celebration of National Cancer Survivor Day, KSLM would like to highlight a local organization that is making waves in our Salem community, Kickin’Cancer is a local nonprofit that offers financial and emotional support to individuals and families in their fight against cancer. This incredible organization uses education to empower individuals to take control of their bodies by encouraging healthy lifestyle choices. They participate in events and work tirelessly in their awareness efforts to uplift those affected by this devastating disease.

Kickin’Cancer’s vision is a 50% reduction new cases of cancer, by educating people about living an anti-cancer lifestyle; while reaching into local communities throughout the United States, supporting families both emotionally and financially that are currently in the fight with cancer. If you’re looking to get involved, Kickin’ Cancer visit their website at, Kickin’Cancer Cares is being broadcast every Saturday at 9:00AM on  KSLM Radio 104.3FM, AM1220 or

Jaci Smith, owner of KSLM in Salem OR