Mikki Meisner

I had my first diagnosis of cervical & uterine cancer when I was 28. I have been on a journey of personal transformation ever since. Oddly, cancer was one of the greatest gifts I have ever been given.

I remember blankly staring at the almighty Dr. who told me I would never have any more children and thinking, “Who do you think you are?” (**Expletives removed)

Inside I was riddled with fear and as I sat there holding my 6-week-old baby barely listening to him rambling about chemo and radiation – I simply felt cold. And tired. So very very tired. 

And yet somehow some part of me had the energy to rebel. To look at that Dr. and that system of taking peoples’ own healing power away and say no. 

At the time, I didn’t even know if I wanted more children, but the thought of having that option stripped from me awakened something in me that has only gathered force as the years went by. 

I wanted to choose how I approached my healing.

And wow have I learned a lot since then! 

Healing is a journey.

And a battle. 

I had a wonderful naturopathic dr. who walked me through changing my diet, and introduced me to the ways of natural healing. Practically everything in my normal diet (Standard American Diet or “SAD” diet) was wrong. This was really hard for me, but I didn’t like the thought of allopathic approach, (Hormone therapy and hair loss? NO THANKS!) so I surrendered to the process of natural healing and began the work.

 I found another mentor who taught me the science and art of herbalism. I scoured through books and websites and learned how to grow, cultivate, and wildcraft my own food, and my own herbal medicine. I took a course in herbology. I found God.

I realized that this was really me learning to love my body. To give myself this gift of nourishment I had never had. Most of the path towards health for me was mental. I realized that I was struggling with a lot of mental baggage as well as body toxicity. When they say holistic – it really is WHOLE BODY mind and spirit. I realized that for the most part, I was responsible for the state of my health. And if I was willing to take the responsibility of getting myself there, then I had the power to get myself out of there. I found that when you are standing at those pearly gates with your enema bag, it has a tendency to change your perspective. I will say, I look at life a lot differently now. 

I was raw vegan for a year and did numerous fasts and cleanses of each individual organ and system in my body. It became a full-time job, but at the end of it I and my family were all so much healthier for the struggle. 

I apprenticed at a local herb store and began helping others who were willing to take on their own health in the way I had. Some chose the natural way, and some were looking for ways to support their body through more modern treatments, but all of us were on a journey to get healthy. It’s a very connecting and bonding thing. 

Staying with a program such as that for any length of time isn’t very sustainable in today’s world, although it’s a lot easier now, then it was almost 30 years ago. We have so many more options – not to say that vegan “fast food” is much better than regular fast food – my diet meant no processed foods. Period. With two children and a business to run I slowly began to let go of the strict regimen I was on. Over time I got looser and looser with my diet and almost 10 years later, shortly after the birth of my 3rd child, I was once again faced with those mind numbing words: “You have cancer.” 

The “Regular” Dr. I had gone to was not very understanding of the naturopathic methods I had done to reverse my cancer the first time. (to put it mildly) As a matter of fact, he proceeded to tell me how I was going to “rot from the inside out” if I didn’t go through the hysterectomy, chemo and radiation he so adamantly prescribed. 

I was terrified. My mother had had the same diagnosis (at the same age even) and had chosen the “main stream route” as I called it. I had watched her go through procedures and treatments that caused more problems and ultimately watched her die a slow death. I made the decision that this would not be my fate. 

And so, I resolved to take charge of my health and beat this once and for all. 

I realized in that moment that this wasn’t something I was going to be able to “cure” and then go back to my old ways – health is a LIFESTYLE and I had to make peace with it. 

I pulled out my notes and got to work. I made all my own medicinal teas and tinctures and herbal remedies (None of which are tasty or even any fun at all). I enlisted the help of a Naturopathic Dr to oversee what I was doing and keep me in check. And within a year I was pronounced in remission (much to my Dr’s surprise) 

About a year and a half later a friend of mine introduced me to Kangen Water.® It was an ionizer that made alkaline, structured, antioxidant water. I had been vegan for quite some time by this point and thought I knew a thing about health. And so I rolled my eyes at the stories I was hearing about this so called miracle water. And while I wasn’t currently facing any real health challenges, I was always looking for ways to STAY as healthy as possible, so… I decided to give it a good try. Let’s face it, we live in a toxic world, and I was willing to take a look at anything that could keep me from facing that diagnosis ever again! 

I was shocked at how much different I felt in a very short amount of time. My friends began to notice my skin changing and my marked elevation in energy and vigor. I encouraged my coworkers, my family and friends to try it and after seeing the benefits they experienced, I finally made the decision to invest in my own system. It has been an amazing journey of helping others see how important hydration is! It so overlooked and misunderstood!  I realized that we ARE what we eat, the fact is, our bodies are mostly water, and what we DRINK is so much more important. 

While I did not use this amazing ionized water with my cancer diagnosis, I firmly believe that by keeping hydrated and being mindful of what I put in my body, I have been able to not only stay cancer free, but be healthier than I have ever been in my life. I realize now that I had been living in fear of it coming back. With the knowledge I have gleaned, I no longer have that fear. I now share this water from my wellness center (The www.KangenWaterStore.com) and help others find their way through all the confusion about health, supplements, and alkaline water. With healthy foods, mindful choices, proper stress management and the right water, my hope is that I can help people avoid the “fear fog and fatigue” that life throws at you, wears you down, and creates an environment where disease thrives, and instead empower them with knowledge. 

It has become my passion and my mission to help others thrive by educating them about the choices they have for their own health, and encourage them to take their power back and take control of their own health.  That grit that I found when I was learning how to love my body back to health lives in us all. 

Today, I feel healthy, happy, free, and confident that I will live a long vibrant life!