On September 12, 2000 I received a call from my surgeon informing me that the biopsy was malignant. Our young son Mickey (not yet 3 years old) walked over to me, placing his hand on my knee he said, “Mommy, it will be otay” Yes, he said it like it is spelled. You could say he was prophesying my healing.

I remember vividly crying the next day, “God, forgive me for being fearful”. It was as if I was transformed into a new life. For a while, I wanted to go back to September 11th. That is, until 2001.

My treatment was a strong and aggressive approach, making sure that the cancer would be destroyed. Dr. Bud Pierce became hero number 3 in my life. My husband, our son and Dr. Pierce made that 7-month journey tolerable. Bud approached every aspect with a desire for patient quality and comfort.

While this event was nearly 21 years ago, it shook me. I do not regret the experience. I learned so much about healing inside and out. The kindness I received from so many was awe- inspiring. Other survivors I met gave me great hope! Especially the lady at the clothing store who recognized me, and said, “great article! I am a twenty-year survivor”.

My faith in God’s providence has grown, and continues to inspire me to tell the story of HOPE! The Cancer diagnoses no longer must be a death sentence. Work to be a sign of hope to others. Share your story, and no
matter what, reach out to others. Ask questions! Every human being has a story, can offer greatness, and needs joy. We are all in this together for a greater glory!

Lisa Walker