How to Keep Up With Living Your Best Life Alive  (Even During a Midlife Crisis)

– submitted by Jennifer McGregor

Midlife crises aren’t unique to mankind. For as long as there have been people, there have been struggles associated with aging and the need to essentially start over. The key is not to worry about the changes that will inevitably take place. However, this is easier said than done. Here’s how to work it, so a midlife crisis doesn’t prevent you from being (and staying) at your happiest.

Prioritize your most important relationships

Maybe you’ve become so professionally focused that you’ve forgotten who you are. Then, out of nowhere, a midlife crisis comes along and forces you to reevaluate your priorities with more emphasis on the people and activities that bring you joy.

Switch gears and start a new profession

When you take a step back, you may find that your time at your current job wasn’t as rewarding as you had thought. A career change may be what you need to finally feel fulfilled and happy in your later years.


Rest is essential to feeling holistically better. Therefore, you should make every effort to continue with a healthy sleeping regime to feel more mentally capable of handling these changes (which can, by the way, be physically and mentally exhausting).

Intensify your efforts

Maybe you’ve got the guts and the gumption to take a huge professional leap and launch your own company. One of the things you should not put off is writing a business plan if you want your company to succeed. Your business plan needs to go into sufficient depth to explain everything from the product or service you’ll be offering to how you’ll organize your company to how you’ll go about securing startup funding to what your long-term financial projections will look like.

Make long-term plans that you can actually achieve

Getting older doesn’t mean getting more boring. But it does often mean that we can’t achieve every single one of our hopes and dreams. Since this is the case, we may need to adjust our aims accordingly, accepting the fact that we can’t do everything. Being happy and fulfilled with our current situation and accepting our limitations can help us avoid feeling let down by ourselves.

Focus on the here and now

Since we can’t change the past and the future is uncertain, having a midlife crisis may be the jolt we need to focus more on the here and now. When we take stock of our many blessings and cultivate an attitude of gratitude, we can find inner calm and happiness.

Be confident in you

Feeling great about how you look can help you overlook the negative emotions you might be experiencing right now. Opting for clothing items that make you feel great doesn’t mean it has to be uncomfortable. For example, loungewear can look and feel fabulous. And it’s the type of attire you want to wear around the house as you care for your family.

Exercise helps

Believe it or not, exercise can help drastically when you are feeling low on life. It gets those endorphins pumping. And you will start appreciating your appearance more as you become fitter. As the years go by, you might find that it’s not as difficult as it may seem to get through a midlife crisis if you’re willing to make adjustments, like switching careers, to avoid further regrets down the road.

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