State of KickinCancer 2020

​For the KickinCancer organization, aka WeAreTheSolution, 2020 started with a full day workshop featuring five amazing speakers and many local vendors with advice on how to “Kick start your year.” Kacey McCallister, the International ParaSpartan spokesman, was the keynote speaker for the first Education Program message. Simultaneously,we reached out to GoTeamBecky Olson, who was in her 5th battle with Breast Cancer which was now in her lungs, to do a 40 story bank climb called “Fight for Air.” We climbed the Bank4Becky.

​Sadly, as COVID-19 hit we had to pivot, both with the education program and the support program. We shifted to a FB live seminar format for our seminars, which has proven to be a good move. Our seminars are now available on our website. The KickinCancer guyalso began doing joint pictures with local businesses to support them.

​By July it looked like we could resume our programs, so we started GoTeamRebecca Smith, a blood cancer fighter and hosted another workshop at HonkyTonks with vendors and speakers. A fundraiser was also planned for Rebecca that saw an ex professional wrestler body slam our own KickinCancer guy. Unfortunately, during the campaign for Rebecca her husband, Ralph, passed from a massive heart attack only to find out he also had colon cancer. In his memory Rebecca assisted getting over 50 BLUE shirts to many new states in his HONOR. A shirt titled Rallying4Ralph.

​As 2020 was coming to an end, the inspiration for this organization, Brenda Farris, joined us from Yuma AZ for LovinRun-Keizer, along with being a special guest speaker in a cooking show with Ingeborg McCarty.
You can see a short video posted below of 2020 with Kickin Cancer!