My name is Rhonda Allen.

I am a colon cancer survivor of 5 years. I got involved with the KickinCancer – WeAreTheSolution organization and it is the best thing I have done for myself.

They have taught me about the importance of eating healthy, exercising, and support to a better life to prevent cancer. In my case it is to prevent it from returning. They have all kinds of events for education, fun and fundraising to bring awareness to all cancers. The biggest thing I like is I have alternatives to chemo.

I have learned so much about foods that can help to prevent cancer’s onset. The group doesn’t stop there. They provide ongoing support and let you know you are not alone. They have expanded worldwide and touch so many people now.

I encourage people, especially the young, to reach out to this group and get education on the prevention of all cancers.

Baron Robison, Brenda Farris, and the rest of the staff at KickinCancer are wonderful people who are there to help you get started.

Be Well and Keep going!