As many of you know, this journey has been going on for more than 3 years now. On Halloween of 2018, I had surgery to remove my left breast, because the tumor had gotten big enough that the surgeon said it had to be done. (I couldn’t have regretted this decision more.)
Fast forward about a year and the cancer came back, scattered in the area where my breast had been, was still in the lymph nodes in my armpit, moved to my other breast, that armpit’s lymph nodes, lymph nodes in my neck and clavicle area and into my lungs.
With the help of several medical professionals, including my naturopath, I opted to have my ovaries removed. The estrogen was feeding the cancer and I didn’t plan to have anymore children. It was better than using chemicals to shut down my ovaries.
Along with the surgery, I found a way of eating that resonated with me, consisting of plants and herbs that heal the body the way our Creator intended.
Since then, my blood test results have shown huge improvement! I am so thankful that I am on my way to true healing and not using pharmaceuticals to do so.
Marissa, from your neighborhood 😉