Hi! I am Robin Paulissen,

I am excited to be one of the new Board member at We Are The Solution Kickin-Cancer.

I little about me: I currently work for the Oregon State Police as a Operations & Policy Analyst. I have 30 years of a law and finance background.

Why this organization is so important to me is that I am a 3-year breast cancer survivor. During this COVID pandemic my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and her brother (my uncle) died of lung cancer. Educating society to create a world preventing cancer is my dream!

I am the Director of Pathways, a division of Kickin-Cancer, which supports the youth in the families having a cancer-stricken member.

These youth usually step back so that the family member with the receives the need attention. These youth need support through this time also.

Pathways volunteers come in as a mentor, support, and/or friend and assist the youth I what they need at the moment. Volunteers are there to show that they are important and that they may create their lives even going through their family challenges.

Sign up to be a volunteer today!


Pathways is looking for volunteers to come and join us working with these youth. Come and be a part of this amazing program!