We never thought our family tree carried any cancer gene.  Yes, our father had cancer when he passed away, but after all he smoked for 40+ years; we expected that.

UNTIL, both my sister and my first cousin on our dad’s side, were both diagnosed with breast cancer within 24 hours of each other.  WHAT?  How does that happen?  Now we had to take a closer look at family history.  Since we didn’t have a whole lot of history on my dad’s side of the family, we had to move forward and take precautions.

Call it a Divine appointment or a coincidence but right after we received the news of my sister and cousin, I had a “friend suggestion” come up on my FaceBook page for this man that had a cancer foundation.  I was going to pass this profile up since I normally don’t friend men on FaceBook.  Something told me to go back to that profile and take a chance.

That is when I first experienced the passion that Baron has to rid this world of cancer.  Will we ever be rid of cancer? Most likely not, but the drive and determination behind Kickin’ Cancer to support those who are currently in the fight and to educate the rest of us with tips to prevent ever getting cancer was something I knew I had to be part of.

For 10 years I was a care giver to my late husband who passed in 2014 of Congestive Heart Failure and I witnessed firsthand how his suffering could have been prevented and I was not going to repeat his mistakes.  I took my health seriously at that point and began my health journey.  With the tips that I have learned on this journey, I have lost over 100 lbs, got off all my diabetic medications and have experienced things I never thought I could.  But more importantly what changed inside me was the most valuable gift I have ever given myself.

As a care giver, I understand how they can get lost and feel like they cease to exist.  It is now my passion to help others by supporting the family members of those fighting cancer and to lend my talents to help others design their health journey.

I watched both my sister and cousin go the traditional route in their fight.  While working with Kickin’ Cancer I have also watched others fight the fight in more natural ways and effective ways.  There is so much that we have been fed by the medical industry that is just fueled by the almighty dollar and not by the truth.

We MUST take our health into our own hands and Kick Cancer in the @$$

Submitted by Margaret Browning