I appreciate getting to share my story of hope and survival.

22 years ago, I was diagnosed with colon cancer. The cancer had spread outside of my colon and into the surrounding tissue. I remember when I woke up from the colonoscopy and saw the doctors face something was terribly wrong. I asked him if I had a tumor and he said yes! I asked him if it was cancer and he said yes! I asked him if I was going to die and he said I don’t know? It was honestly the scariest day of my life. Feeling so helpless and so confused. I have no history of cancer in my family so it came as quite a shock. I was 40 years old and my kids were 6 and 10 at the time I was diagnosed. My fear was that I would not live to see my children grow up.

The doctors put me in for surgery immediately. They removed 12 inches of my colon and told me that because the cancer had spread to my surrounding tissue, I would have to have chemo every week for 6 months. I immediately started doing research to find ways I could possibly help strengthen my immune system as I was going thru treatment?

I was very fortunate at the time to meet a wonderful doctor that had been doing his own research and had found overwhelming evidence that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables could help the body! He said we need to eat more fruits and vegetables to help our immune system do its job. This made total sense! I had heard that all my life but quite honestly eating at least 13 raw fruits and vegetables was literally impossible. Of course, now the suggestion is at least 17. He said he was trying to get his patients to eat more but was having a huge issue with compliance. They just wouldn’t do it.

He was then introduced to Juice Plus which is 30 fruits, vegetables and berries. It was not an isolated vitamin; it was whole food. That alone wasn’t enough for him to recommend it until he saw the published studies that had been done by several credible Universities and Research centers around the world. He felt now he had an answer for his patients. He heard about my cancer and told me about Juice Plus. He wanted my body to get nutritional support while I was fighting this disease and after looking at the science myself it did make sense. He also told me that Juice Plus wasn’t a cure for disease, but having better nutrition would certainly be beneficial. It made sense because I knew I needed to add more whole foods to my diet and this was an easier way for me to do it.

The day I started chemotherapy the doctor did bloodwork and was very concerned because my hemoglobin was very low and he said that it would take a minimum of a year for it to come back into healthy numbers. I started taking JP and within 2 months my hemoglobin numbers were back into normal ranges. (Again, I’m in no way saying that taking Juice Plus did this but I feel for me it helped my body help itself) My doctor was thrilled and agreed that having a better diet can only help all of us.

Its been 22 years since that awful day and I feel fortunate that I have survived! I just want everyone to be as healthy as they can be and do everything in their power to help their bodies now and not wait until you are fighting for your life. We get one shot at this amazing life and what we do now can affect the life we have ahead.

What are you doing to Kick Cancer?