My name is Paul Herold.  I am 79 years old and still work part time as a tax accountant in Oxnard, Calif.

Every year i would get a blood test, and every year my PSA was going up. The Urologist I was seeing at that time kept telling me that it was my age.
Last year my PSA hit 9.1, and should have been 4 or less. I changed
Urologists and he did a biopsy.

Results came back that I had stage 3 cancer in one part of my prostate and stage 2 in another part.
I started radiation treatments immediately –  45 of them. My PSA went from 9.1 to1. Good results!!
Now every 4 months I need to get a blood test and receive a Lupron shot from my present Urologist. I need to continue this treatment for 2 more years.  I have much to look forward to with my daughter, Michele Vanderyachat.

Yes ! I think I kicked the cancer.