August 18th 2004, my journey began!

I remember that day over 18 years ago like it was yesterday.  Going in for a routine mammogram only to be called back by my doctor’s office that very same day, you see I needed to return as soon as I could for additional images.  Odd, but ok I’m only 42 years old so what could possibly be wrong with me (I must have taken a breath when I was supposed to be holding my breath) I’m young, healthy, active and a single mother of two beautiful daughters!   Several days later I received the news I needed to make an appointment to come back to see my physician.  I received the word I needed to schedule the next step!  The next step was getting in fairly quickly for a biopsy.  Completed the biopsy, and you then wait to see the outcome.  It came and I heard the “three words” no one ever wants to hear.  “YOU HAVE CANCER”!

Early detection of Breast Cancer led me to believe in faith more than ever in my life!  I had an amazing team of Physicians, their staff, family and friends that help me through each and every day! 

The next year was spent with many visits to my physician’s many of them, surgery after surgery, Chemotherapy (for my special cocktail and loss of my hair), Radiation (my one and only tattoo to date), and yet more surgeries.  I chose to fight aggressively. All the while keeping in mind that I was going to be ok.  I was going to go into remission! I was going to live to tell the story and later in life be able to encourage those who are battling the battle.  Back in the day I walked to my mailbox to collect hand written greeting cards became the highlight of my day a special “thank you” goes out to those that sent letters of encouragement. 

The disease that does not discriminate!  Stay Strong, Stay Focused, and most of all Stay Positive! There are so many resources throughout the community USE THEM!  With the Visionary Video’s that were provided to me, that was my go-to to stay positive.  I did not allow myself to have a pity party.  I did not ask “Why me?” I knew I was going to fight the fight!  Not everyone can do that, for me it was mind over matter I was not going to allow myself become depressed.  No two journeys are the same.  

My motto was to “Get up every single day, and never give up until the end”.  Hearing the three words, those that you never want to hear gave me a whole new meaning to life.  Each and everyone of us is blessed to see another day of LIFE.  Make the best of each and every day! Live life to the fullest, LOVE those around you who you are fortunate enough to have in your life!

Oct 19th 2022 I was selected to join in at the “Tunnel” on the field in front of almost 60,000 spectators.  The Oregon Ducks Breast Cancer Awareness game on the field was the most spectacular event (to date) that I have been a part of!  (A special thanks go out to my friends that submitted my name)!

Remember this:  It’s Okay to ask for help and let those around you help you! 

Thank you, to my team of physicians, family and friends for walking the journey with me!