As part of our movement, we are encouraging families to do fun activities together—like coloring! Join us in this coloring contest to win a free Kickin’ Cancer shirt and support Kelley Goodwin.


Coloring contest instructions:
  1. Download the PDF
  2. Color the KickinCancer logo
  3. Take a picture and post it on WeAreTheSolution’s facebook page #Coloring4Kelly
  4. Every week, starting April 13-19 (so on Monday morning April 20 we will announce the first winner) a winner will be chosen randomly.
  5. At the end of Q. 2, June 28 at the Cancer Awareness Weekend Baseball game, all the pictures will be printed and given to Will Goodwin.

Kelley Goodwin

“Laughter bounces off the walls inside a Salem home. They’re the sounds of love and family.

It’s what Kelley and her husband Will Goodwin are holding onto these days.

‘It was just a few months ago that I found out I had cancer again,’ said Kelley Goodwin….”