Trauma Recovery Coaching

Healing through trauma informed coaching and trauma recovery coaching.

Juice Plus

JuicePlus sets us up for healthy living with their whole food based nutrition. Team Rise Up in Corvallis is excited to support the mission of Kickin’ Cancer. You can find everything from daily supplements to protein shakes and bars.


Mountain Creek Coffee is happily donating $2 for every 12oz bag sold, and $5 for every 5lb bag sold to people who use the code ‘KICK” at checkout. Every dollar counts!


Odd Moe’s is committed to highlighting local causes, and Cancer Prevention and Awareness is first on the list. With Gluten Free crust, Vegan Cheese, and veggie toppings, there are healthier options as we work to move the needle on our health.

Cancer Treatment Hearing Loss

Discover the relationship between cancer treatment and hearing loss, and make sure to keep your hearing healthcare provider in the loop if you undergo hearing problems during or after cancer treatment.

Medicare and Disability Services

Patient Support Services USA provides Social Security disability advocacy for those suffering financial hardships due to an inability to work. For more information about who they are, click here.

Essential Oils

There are natural solutions to your everyday issues, from challenges sleeping to relaxing from stress. Contact Niki and Riki Marie with Naturally Essential Oils.


Kay’s World of Wigs provides chemo patients with a wig AND a receipt that can be given to their insurance for reimbursement. They are located at 385 High St SE, Salem, OR.

Guard Against Financial Devastation

Cancer is an expensive illness. Don’t let it Bankrupt you! Proper planning can put money in your pocket as you go through treatments. There is a way to protect yourself with simple, very affordable plans with a “100% Return of Premium.” There when you need it – Money Back if you don’t.

Electric Energy Alkaline Water

You can get healthier the older you get. Prevention can be as easy as changing your water. Optimize your immune system by as much as 70% by improving your hydration.