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We have both youth and adult support through mentorship and coaching to provide the emotional support and guidance needed as families face the challenges of the cancer journey.

Pathways for Youth

One-on-One Mentoring

Pathways offers customized one-on-one mentorship and quarterly group outings for youth ages 5-18, whose families are affected by cancer.

Mentorship programs are created through a collaborative effort between the program manager, mentor, and the youth’s family and focus on the emotional, social, and educational circumstances unique to each youth. Our program teaches these youth healthy communication, self-advocacy, and resilience-building skills so they can become confident navigators of their unique challenges.

At the heart of our program are dedicated volunteers that serve as mentors for these youth. If you’re interested in getting involved, download and submit your volunteer application below.

Pathways for Adults

Group & Individual Coaching

Group and individual trauma and grief coaching sessions are also available to empower the whole family through their cancer  journey.

Robin Paulissen

Meet Our Program Director

Kickin’ Cancer possesses a distinctive position to serve the Pathways Program, driven by our foundational expertise in cancer support, education, and action through our Program Manager, Robin Paulissen. Robin’s commitment to mental well-being extends beyond traditional methods with certifications including Trauma Release, Grief Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy, and more. Robin’s extensive journey with Landmark Worldwide, especially the two-year Team Management and Leadership Program, ensures that our team possesses the skills to guide our Pathways program effectively.

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