WeAreTheSolution helps fill a niche in the fight against cancer by raising money for YOUR neighbors.

Dr. Andrew Isaksen DC
NW Family Chiropractic PC
Salem, OR

A more dedicated and energized support group you will not find.

Fred & Lynne Robison
Gilbert, AZ


Hello my name is Rebecca Smith. I have multiple health issues. Kickin cancer helped me so much from emotional support to fundraisers for me.

They stayed in touch from start to end and still check on me. It’s kinda like gaining an amazing extension of family. I was really sick when we started my campaign and my husband really wanted me to get my stories out to help others cope and know that, NO matter what you got going on, you can get through it! Our motto was always “don’t let it define who you are as a person!”

When my campaign started I lost my wonderful husband from a massive heart attack. I decided with the support of Kickin Cancer to proceed with my campaign. They walked me through step by step and their entire teams did all the work. All I had to do was write my stories and email them in and go to events that I could go to. There was 1 I couldn’t make and they went and rallied for me on my behalf. I can not thank them enough they are simply amazing!

With their help they raised enough money to pay some small bills and pay off my home loan!! Yes, my home loan, 10,000 and plus small bills on top of that! Please I can not stress enough reach out to them. Don’t be afraid to let them support your health and be there for you through it. I have met some amazing people through them and I’m stronger today because I have them in my life now forever!

Since my campaign I have rallied for others it’s such a inspiration thing they do and I hope they can always do! If you ever can donate to them, please do. They are a non-profit organization and need all they help they can get to continue helping people like me.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you guys have been able to do for me. Honestly there is no words to describe what these amazing people do for others. It’s a gift from god; they are his workers and it truly shows!! Again thank you!!

Rebecca Smith


Being a three-year survivor of Stage IV metastic cancer, that began in my left breast then went to my bones and liver, I just had my 7th PET scan. I am 100% clear and the lesions on my bones are healed!! WE are making a difference.

Victoria Shinn
VP – Depository Relationship Manager, US Bank
Salem, OR


I am a colon cancer survivor of 5 years. I got involved with the Kickin’ Cancer organization, and it is the best thing I have done for myself. They have taught me about the importance of eating healthy, exercising, and support to a better life to prevent cancer. In my case it is to prevent it from returning.

They have all kinds of events for education, fun and fundraising to bring awareness to all cancers. The biggest thing I like is I have alternatives to chemo. I have learned so much about foods that can help to prevent cancer’s onset.

Rhonda Allen
Independence, OR


Baron came to me one day in Jan 2018, telling me how his sister Brenda had cancer and because of the huge financial burden it was putting on her with all the medicine she was having to take, he wanted to raise some money to help her out. Baron was going to do a “Warrior Dash” with some co-workers at Costco that year, and would I help pay her way up, and support this idea. Baron had a vision that was going to go far beyond just helping out his sister, which I could see even back then, so I decided to plant some seed money to help him get his vision started. With some help from other businesses, this vision has superseded even what he thought was a possibility. I’ve been amazed how so many people have endorsed this vision for them selves as well. Baron and Brenda, you both have inspired me and hundreds like me. Keep up the good work. God Bless both of you.

Doug Dealy
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